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The efficacy of prayer: how prayer stops abortion

Some people ask if prayer helps to end abortion. They believe action or pro-life apologetics are more effective than prayer. Some believe prayer is more private and unlikely to impact others. Others see that people don’t share our faith, and that we are more likely to alienate them rather than … Read More...


Understanding flaws in the British provision of abortion

  Smoking today has largely gone out of fashion. The vested financial interests and flawed research of the smoking lobby has been exposed for decades, not to mention the public health problems associated with smoking. Smoking is even being banned from public places now, and mandatory laws … Read More...


Interview with Rev Marcus Holden: An introduction to Evangelium

Robert:                 Hello and Welcome! My name is Robert Colquhoun. I’m the host of this webinar this evening of an Introduction to Evangelium. It’s a real pleasure to have Father Marcus Holden who I’ll introduce in a moment to tell us about the wonderful course that he has co-authored about … Read More...