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40 Film – Compelling new documentary

40 is a compelling new documentary that examines the effects of abortion on America over the last 40 years since Roe v. Wade. The film showcases interviews with dozens of pro-life leaders and presents abortion as the most important human rights issue of our time. 40 looks at both sides of this … Read More...


Secret tips from the Saints for finding love and happiness

Three years ago I got roped into organising a dating party. One girl complained that there were only 2 sorts of men: wet fish and hedonists. But I explained to her there are 3 billion men out there – at least one of them must be suitable for her. At that time, I wanted to take my faith seriously. … Read More...


The Business of Planned Parenthood

Alliance Defending Freedom have an excellent eBook called “Investigate their plan” exploring the business of Planned Parenthood. The eBook explains why brands are so important for companies, because they contain the reputation and future of the business. Brand means everything. The first and most … Read More...