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10 successful family related initiatives to promote

The Synod on the Family in Rome later this year will be debating doctrinal issues, and bickering about trivial matters as well as more important issues concerning proclaiming the truth. Why not take this time to promote some outstanding family initiatives in your local area? Some of the courses and … Read More...


10 Ways to improve your pro-life community outreach

40 Days for Life International Outreach Director Use resources from the Human Life Alliance. The organisation exists to help pioneer educational initiatives and has some outstanding magazines and resources to use. I highly recommend their high quality publications to distribute widely. Why … Read More...


Successful ingredients of pro-life public witness

Some view the expression in the streets as a sign of powerlessness. In my opinion, it is one of the best areas for engagement for dialogue and debate to change hearts and minds. The best form of communication and marketing is word of mouth. Public witness gives the opportunity to inspire, equip, … Read More...