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lila rose

President of Live Action London Talk

Lila Rose:         Thank you so much, Robert. It’s really an honor to be with all of you here and just to know and to hear about- I just stopped briefly by Marie Stopes. I got to see it, Robert dropped me by, just to stand there for a few moments, but to know that you’ve been holding vigil there and … Read More...


Helpful tips for Fundraising

Last year I attended the International School of Fundraising in England. It was an excellent event. Here are some of the notes from the event, I hope that you find them useful. Morton Blackwell (Wednesday, March 27, 2013) Building Strong Donor Relations   You need money to pay the … Read More...

lila rose

Lila Rose’s London Talk

Lila Rose: …and I come from the United States with a message of hope and of great faith in what God can do in our international movement for life.  Because I firmly believe with my whole heart that this international movement will succeed and that we will see great changes across the world in many … Read More...