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Interview with Rev Marcus Holden: An introduction to Evangelium

Robert:                 Hello and Welcome! My name is Robert Colquhoun. I’m the host of this webinar this evening of an Introduction to Evangelium. It’s a real pleasure to have Father Marcus Holden who I’ll introduce in a moment to tell us about the wonderful course that he has co-authored about … Read More...


Interview with Rev Andrew Pinsent on Lumen

Robert:                 Hello and welcome! My name is Robert Colquhoun. I welcome you to this recording on Lumen, the Catholic Gift to Civilization. I hope you might learn some of the following things during this presentation. How Catholics have given the modern world many things that we now take … Read More...


Courtship and Relationships Talk

Thank you so much for the introduction. My name is Robert. I’m 32. I’m married. It’s a fascinating topic we’re looking at today about relationships and marriage. Saint John Paul II said that the future of humanity depends on who man is for woman, and who woman is for man. I’m very much unqualified … Read More...