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Teaching Theology of the body to young people

Training to talk about Theology of the body to teenagers Teenagers have a hunger to be looking for something bigger than what they are. They have a craving for love, a desire for freedom, to be different and to set out their own path. Teenagers are very busy, distracted and media saturated. A … Read More...


Inaugurating a new sexual revolution

Callum Brown's book, "The death of Christian Britain" challenged the conventional belief that secularisation was a process that started with the Industrial Revolution. It noted the importance of the 1960s sexual revolution in the secularisation of Britain. He states, ‘As historical changes go, this … Read More...

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Novena for a Rebirth of Chastity and Purity

Novena for a Rebirth of Chastity and Purity   Pray this novena for chastity and purity in the world. It was for the  USCCB's celebration of NFP Awareness Week. Mary, our Mother, perfect model of purity and chastity, pray for us.   Day 1 —For all priests, bishops, cardinals, and … Read More...