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10 ways to improve your event organisation

1. Use online booking. Services such as eventbrite are free for non-paying events. Tracking and monitoring the number of people coming to your event will help to plan and prepare in the best way possible. 2. Signup for next year at the end of the event. Encouraging people to come next year to the … Read More...


Immediatism vs Incrementalism debate

On April 25, Gregg Cunningham, founder and CEO of the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform, engaged T. Russell Hunter, co-founder of Abolish Human Abortion, in a debate entitled, "Pro-Life Incrementalism vs. Abolitionist Immediatism." Jill Stanek has provided a useful e-Book here. Hunter attacks … Read More...


Another Euthanasia debate on the cards

In the United Kingdom, Parliament will enter into yet another euthanasia debate later this year. Baronness Illora Finlay argues that the proposed bill brings danger not comfort.┬áSimon Stevens, a disability issues consultant, questions whether the public really understand what the right to die debate … Read More...